List of Simple Pleasures

1.  The pure love in my children’s eyes when they look at me

2.  Wearing slippers on the drive to work in the morning

3.  A random “thinking of you” card in the mail

4.  The monthly arrival of ‘Southern Living’

5. Post-It notes left on the mirror from your best friend

6.  Finding a recipe on Pinterest or in “Southern Living” and actually being able to make it

7.  When people ask for seconds

8.  Sloan and Ellie laughs

9.  Sloan and Ellie smiles

10.  Little people’s tiny clothes

11.  The way Cassie (our 12 year old lab) rests her head on me as if to say “thank you for rescuing me”

12.  Freshly cleaned sheets

13.  Mark Tetro paintings

14. Owning a little piece of American soil

15. Watching the old couples in our neighborhood go for their evening walks

16. Finding a chilled bottle of champagne on my doorstep, counter, desk…

17. Fresh flowers